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Ali   April 21, 2013 Images, Magazines

Marie Claire has a feature in their May issue on Drew … includes her favorites, what’s on her to do list and more.

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Ali   April 20, 2013 Events, Images

We have the first images of Drew at the GLAAD Media Awards tonight … she is wearing a flower printed two piece outfit. I will keep adding pics as I find them! Stay Tuned!

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Ali   April 20, 2013 Images, Photoshoots

While we are waiting for new pics from tonight’s GLAAD award check out these images from photo shoots that Drew did in 2007.

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Ali   April 20, 2013 Events, Videos

Tonight Drew is hosting the GLAAD Awards … you can watch the live stream of the red carpet here!

Stay tuned as I hope to be adding pics soon!

Ali   April 19, 2013 Videos

In an episode of On the Table with Eric Ripert Drew talked about Barrymore Wines and her daughter Olive.

Drew Barrymore chose her daughter’s name–Olive–when she was three months pregnant, and, she says, it was more perfect than she ever could have predicted.

“If I had named her some very fancy girly name, it wouldn’t suit her,” she tells chef Eric Ripert in a recent episode of “On the Table with Eric Ripert.” “She is an Olive.”

Barrymore, who just launched her own wine collection, Barrymore Wines, explained that the inspiration for baby Olive’s name came from a pregnancy book that she and husband Will Kopelman had been reading.

“It always compared the size of the baby to a food item,” she says. “At one point we had just found out that it was a girl and it said, ‘Your baby is the size of an olive.’ And I was like, ‘Cheers! Done!’”

And since giving birth to Olive in September, the actress says she’s developed an obsession with cooking.

“I want to be able to throw things together for her in an effortless fashion,” says Barrymore. “I’m still at the stage when I’m cooking–there’s like, flames going off behind me and alarms and I’m nervous and I’m not sexy, so I hope by the time that she’s ready to eat my food that I make it look like, ‘Sure honey, you want this? You got it.’”

If you would like to watch the interview here is a clip:

Drew Barrymore introduces Eric Ripert to a pinot grigio from her very own Barrymore Wines which bears her grandfather, John Barrymore’s family crest. Ripert demonstrates for her the way that different wine glasses (and even a styrofoam cup!) can change the way that a wine tastes. Barrymore introduces Ripert to her favorite way to prepare Manila Clams and tells him about how starring in E.T. at age 6 changed her life.

Ali   April 18, 2013 Fever Pitch

I have added a bunch of images to the gallery from Drew’s film Fever Pitch where she co-starred with friend Jimmy Fallon!

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Ali   April 16, 2013 Flower Beauty, Videos

I am excited to share this with you guys in case you hadn’t realized it yet. Every Tuesday on the official site for Flower Beauty there is a section called Tutorials and every Tuesday there is a new video where Drew answers a question and shares a new makeup tip. I love this and wanted to make sure you were all able to take advantage. This week Drew teaches an easy way to get a Smoky Eyed look using Flower Beauty’s cream eyeshadow.