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Ali   May 22, 2014 Articles, Blended, Family, Videos

E!Online spoke with Adam about working with Drew as he insists that he scares Drew off!

Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler’s new film Blended is the third film that the actors have starred in together playing love interests (they’ve also costarred in The Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates).

So are Sandler or Barrymore getting tired of working together?

“She wouldn’t want it every day, so I have to give her a pass every four or five years,” Sandler joked to us exclusively at last night’s Blended premiere in Hollywood. “And then I jump in and remind her of why she moved on.”

As for having to repeatedly romance a longtime friend onscreen, Sandler says, yes, it does get awkward.

“Absolutely, for Drew every time,” he laughed. “It’s been awkward when we were strangers for her. But I keep saying, ‘They paid you, buddy, get in here.'” LOL!

Meanwhile, at last night’s premiere, Barrymore gushed about her 1-month-old daughter, Frankie, and her 20-month-old daughter, Olive. “The girls are happy and healthy and I’m just so lucky right now,” she said. “It’s insane.”

As for her recent family photo shoot, Barrymore said, “It was ridiculous. We are like anything but the perfect family. It was like, ‘Oh my god, this is nuts! I hope we get a picture, but if we don’t, who cares?’ But it was great.”

Ali   May 21, 2014 Articles, Family

Drew loves her in-law’s but it seems the feeling is mutual as Coco Kopelman talks with Life & Style magazine about what a good mother Drew is!

Drew Barrymore’s mother-in-law, Coco Kopelman, couldn’t be happier about the tender way the actress juggles daughters Olive, 19 months, and 4-week-old Frankie.

Raving about her daughter-in-law, Coco exclusively shares with Life & Style: “She is the quintessential mother.”

“With the new baby, she’s very delicate,” Coco says. “With Olive, she makes her laugh…she clowns around with her on the floor. She’s a real entertainer, which is what she’s done all her life.”

And Olive is doing her bit to take care of her little sis.

“She’s very affectionate,” Coco tells the mag, adding, “she loves to pat Frankie on the head. It’s very cute! It’s exactly what you want for two little girls who are 19 months apart.”

Pick up the new issue of Life & Style, on stands now to read more, including Coco’s parenting advice for Drew + an exclusive interview with Drew’s sister-in-law.

Ali   May 21, 2014 Events, Images

Tonight is the premiere of Blended in Los Angeles, California. Here is our first look of Drew on the red carpet.

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Ali   May 21, 2014 Family, Magazines

Drew is the cover feature on the new issue of People Magazine on stands this Friday! Her and Will share family pictures of their new daughter Frankie!

Drew Barrymore is the first to admit taking care of a newborn and a toddler has been an adjustment.

The actress, who delivered her second child with art advisor husband Will Kopelman on April 22, says her recovery with newborn daughter Frankie was quicker this time around than following her first pregnancy with elder daughter Olive, 20 months.

“I knew that I have two kids to take care of now and just kicked my own butt to get back into the swing of things immediately,” she tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story.

The biggest challenge? “Just being split. They’re awake and asleep at different times, or awake at the same time, and it’s a juggling act a little bit.”

Barrymore, 39, says her own tumultuous childhood influenced what she sees as most important for her kids.

She wanted Olive “to have a sibling, because I really would have liked that in my life,” she says. “And always being on time, being there when I say I’m going to be there. Creating a real stable home. I know when my daughter wants to swing higher and jump into the pool and all of these things, she feels safe. To make your kids feel safe is everything.”

Barrymore says Olive is relishing having a baby sister – so far. “Olive loves Frankie and just wants to hang out with her all the time,” she adds. “She wants to feed her. She’s super into it. That’s now. I’m sure things will ebb and flow.”

Now promoting Blended, her new comedy with Adam Sandler which hits theaters Friday, Barrymore admits she wasn’t sure she wanted to act anymore after Olive’s birth.

“I didn’t think I could go back to work, honestly. I didn’t want to be away from my kids and it just wasn’t the priority,” she says. “With Adam, he makes everything really safe because he really creates an environment where kids can come and be a part of it. It was a really big lesson for me.”

Knowing duty would be calling so soon after she gave birth “kept me at least physically present and sharp,” Barrymore adds. “As opposed to being a brain scholar, which I am not right now. As I walk into a room to get something and pass the doorway, I’ve forgotten already.”

For Drew’s album of intimate family photos with Frankie, Olive and Will – and more of her exclusive interview – pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE, on newsstands Friday

Ali   May 20, 2014 Blended, Images

I have added a bunch of new stills to the gallery from Blended which hits theaters on Friday!

I had the privilege of watching it last night and it is fabulous! Another Barrymore/Sandler classic!

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Ali   May 20, 2014 Events, Images

Last night Drew was in Berlin at the premiere of her film Blended … she looked lovely in a black and white tunic dress by Sass & Bide.

A giant thank you to my friend Lindsey for donating some of the pics!

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Ali   May 20, 2014 Guest Appearances, Images

On the Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday Drew took a selfie with Ellen & Adam and then posted it on her Instagram. I have added the pics to the site!

Also Drew is trying to get 1 million followers on her instagram before the film is released on Friday! So go help her out!

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Ali   May 20, 2014 Articles, Blended

Drew spoke with the Chicago Sun Times about her new film Blended plus her beautiful baby girls!

Drew Barrymore was not in the celebrity witness protection program. If it seems like she has been missing for the last few years … well, Drew was actually diverted.

“I have been pregnant for three years!” she cries in her suite at the Loews Hotel in Hollywood. “I was sitting on the couch, eating takeout and watching TV. That makes me happy.”

Get Drew, 39, on the topic of pregnancy and she doesn’t talk about the glow. She talks calories. “I ate whatever I wanted. I had a three-year love affair with food.”

A hot night out now for the mother of toddler Olive and newborn Frankie is simple. “It’s me in sweatpants with ‘Game of Thrones’ and takeout. We’re just too tired after a full day of babies.”

Yet, Barrymore says her marriage to Will Kopelman has never been stronger. “We were very much in love before the babies and now we’re stronger than ever,” she says.

She has that sparkle in person. With miles of long wavy hair, a thin Barrymore arrives in flowing, cream-colored pants and a matching shirt. Her face is devoid of most makeup except for some blush from Flower cosmetics (her own brand) and a light pink gloss. “I love that my beauty line is simple. It’s for moms to swipe it on, on the go, and feel beautiful. It’s all about feeling beautiful on the inside,” she says.

She is also coming back to the big screen in “Blended” (opening Friday), where she plays the divorced mother of two unruly sons. She meets un-cute for a first date with Jim (Adam Sandler). He takes her to Hooters. Enough said. It ain’t working out.

The two find themselves and their kids (widowed Jim has three daughters) on a safari to Africa. Will they find love despite themselves?

The film marks the third time Adam and Drew have united on screen after “The Wedding Singer” and “50 First Dates.” “I would sum it up with one word: respect,” Barrymore says. “If you respect somebody, you can make it in love and in films. You can make it in times that are happy and sad. It all stems from respect.”

“The script was so funny and we all need to laugh. It also had heart and that got me because I love to laugh and cry. It’s a movie about two people who just want to be good parents. It’s all about what will make their kids happy, and that makes me want to cry.”

“I couldn’t get through some of the scenes in this movie without crying. There are moments when Adam’s daughters in the movie say, ‘I need a mom.’ I’ve had times in my life when I needed a mom.

“Now, I am a mom and I know I will always be there for my kids,” says Barrymore who adds. “I guess you could say that moms are my Achilles heel. Mothers are the emotional figures in all of our lives.”

As for her own life as a new mother, Barrymore just sighs. “It’s the most joyous thing in the world even when I’m exhausted like now. When friends call and say, ‘Can we have dinner at 9:30 at some restaurant?’ I’m like, ‘Are you kidding? Are we on Barcelona time?’ I have two babies. If we’re not done with eating by 8:30 then forget it.

“I need to get home, make sure everyone is tucked in and hit the couch.”

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