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Ali   January 24, 2015 Events, Images

This week Drew attended the The DAILY FRONT ROW “Fashion Los Angeles Awards”. She wore Zara top, a multi colored skirt by Milly. She accessorized the outfit with gold Stuart Weitzman shoes and gold vintage Dior clutch.

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Ali   January 24, 2015 Articles, Family

I thought this was so cute! Will & Drew are having Olive learn Hebrew and Drew shares about her girls with People.com.

Drew Barrymore‘s daughters are meeting milestones every single day, but 2-year-old Olive‘s most recent memorable moment might be one of her cutest yet.

“[She said] her first, ‘Oy vey.’ That made me happy, ” the actress told PEOPLE at The Daily Front Row’s inaugural Fashion Los Angeles Awards on Thursday.

According to the founder of Flower cosmetics, her toddler’s language skills are equally impressive. “My daughter counted to three in Hebrew today,” Barrymore, 39, shares. “She was learning [Hebrew] this morning so I was proud of her.”

As for her strong bond with 9-month-old Frankie? Well, Olive excels at being a big sister, too.

“She’s really sweet,” says Barrymore. “Whenever Frankie cries, she always goes, ‘Don’t worry, Frankie. It’s okay.’ That’s very sweet.”

But like any siblings, the mom of two admits sometimes Olive can love Frankie a little too much. “She’s a sister so she also tumbles her around way too hard,” she jokes. “I think every mom has the same experience with their kids.”

Ali   January 20, 2015 Images

In 1996 Drew did a film with Woody Allen called Everyone Says I Love You. I have added stills and set images from the film to the gallery.

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Ali   January 19, 2015 Images, Photoshoots

Added a bunch of new photoshoots to the gallery that Drew took back in 1994!

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Ali   December 21, 2014 Images, Photoshoots

Last year Drew did a shoot for a feature in Lucky magazine. I have added two new outtakes to the gallery from this shoot!

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Ali   December 17, 2014 Articles

E!Online did a recent interview with Drew while she attended the Refinery29 Holiday Party. They talked about Drew turning 40 and about her beautiful family.

It’s hard to believe, but Drew Barrymore is going to be 40 years old—yes, 40!—in just a couple of months.
The mom of two can’t wait to hit the milestone.

“I’m so excited,” she told me last night at Refinery29’s holiday party at the Sunset Tower hotel (Drew is the site’s editor-at-large) while sipping on a glass of her Barrymore by Carmel Road wine. “I finally feel the age that I am and I’ll tell you why—I always felt older than the number I was. I was always too mature and adult and raising myself or running a company or I’m only 19 and I’m a homeowner. Forty feels like where I’m at. It makes sense.”

Hubby Will Kopelman and their daughters, Olive, 2, and 8-month-old Frankie certainly help.

“I’m very happy,” Drew beamed. “Marriage is great and the kids are the best. I know that everyone says you’re supposed to treat your spouse as equal as your kids, but I struggle every day of who I love the most. I love them all!”

And she loves her work with Refinery29. “I love pretending to be a journalist and I love writing so much,” Drew said, adding, “They let me have my own voice but it’s a really nice balance with people with great journalistic experience pushing me to be my best.”

She’s written on an array of subjects, including finding the perfect suitcase at a snowboarding store, her love of Oprah Radio and why she finally decided to learn how to cook.

“We were thinking about who our dream editor-at-large was and Drew, honestly, was the first that came to mind because I really do think that we’ve watched her kind of evolve before our eyes,” Refinery29 editor-in-chief and co-founder Christene Barberich told me. “She’s incredibly inspiring, she has so much energy, she’s a businesswoman, she directs, she writes, she acts, she’s a mother, she’s an aspiring cook. She’s just really inspiring and she does it with such a sense of humor and a humbleness.”

Ali   December 17, 2014 Events, Images

This past weekend Drew took Olive & Frankie to the Baby2Baby Holiday Party that was hosted by Honest Products. Her girls are getting so big and it looks like they had a fun time! Images are now in the gallery!

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