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Ali   February 26, 2015 Books

Thanks to People.com we have the news that Drew has a new book deal! I loved “Little Girl Lost” so I am really looking forward to this new one!

Life has certainly been a long and winding road for Drew Barrymore. And now, she’s putting it all down on paper.

The actress, who turned 40 this week, has signed a deal with Dutton to publish an collection of autobiographical essays, the publisher tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Barrymore experienced more than her share of challenging times as she grew up in the public eye. But the book isn’t meant to be a heavy memoir. Rather, she wants it to be bright, even funny.

“I love stories that are humorous, emotional and welcoming, and that is my goal in writing this book,” Barrymore said in a statement.

The book, which is not yet titled, will include stories about Barrymore “living on her own at 14 (and how laundry may have saved her life), getting stuck in a gas station overhang on a cross-country road trip, saying goodbye to her father in a way only he could have understood, and many more adventures and lessons that have led to the most important thing in her life, which is motherhood,” Dutton said.

Ben Sevier, publisher of Dutton, said: “We are thrilled to welcome Drew Barrymore, a true American icon, to the Dutton list, and can’t wait to help bring her wonderful writing to the world.”

Barrymore, who hails from the famed Barrymore family of American stage and cinema actors, has two daughters with husband Will Kopelman: Olive, 2½, and Frankie, 10 months.

Ali   February 19, 2015 Events, Images

The gallery now has all of Drew’s events from the year 2009!

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Drew Barrymore Online > EVENTS and APPEARANCES > 2009

Ali   February 15, 2015 Articles, Flower Beauty

Drew shared with Marie Claire some of her best beauty tips!

You know that beauty myth that guys hate a red lip? Drew Barrymore is here to tell you it’s not true. And if you’re still hesitant, she has a few suggestions. (PSA: We should all be subscribing to the Barrymore Beauty Bible.)

There are many things we’d love to bend Drew Barrymore’s ear about. There’s style, which she’s got in spades. There’s music—she has immaculate taste and has even penned lyrics for fellow cool girl Jenny Lewis. There’s boys, because she taught us a sacred lesson: He’s just not that into you. And then there are the tall tales that come with being a Hollywood star for over three decades…

But still, if we could only choose one topic for a Barrymore heart-to-heart, it’d be beauty. With her line Flower Beauty, she’s not only brought luxe and affordable botanical-infused products to the masses, but has done so with a fun, real-girl MO that’s just so refreshing. Whether she’s painting her nails on the subway (#commuterbeauty), easing our mind about our product-hoarding tendencies, or waxing poetic about the perfect shade of red, she just gets us.

In advance of launching her Spring 2015 collection, we chatted with Barrymore about her tried-and-true beauty tricks, handbag essentials, and hacks for doing your makeup en route.

Marie Claire: What are your most sacred beauty secrets?
Drew Barrymore: 1) Eye brightening! Undereye concealer just isn’t enough, so we created a brightening primer (Flower Lighten Up! Brightening Concealer Click Pen, $7.98). Instead of try to patch-up a dark spot, brighten it. Reflect out. Stop covering it up!

2) Brows are everything. I’ve started working from a kit rather than a pencil because it’s not just one color all year long for me. If I’m wearing a dark lip, I want light brows. If I’m wearing a light lip, I want dark brows. I also change the color of my hair, and that changes what color I want for my eyebrows. Plus, it has a taming wax I love because it makes brows dewy without being greasy.

3) My biggest criteria is lips that don’t feather. Whether it’s a lip balm, lacquer, or a stick, an anti-feathering formula is what I want and what I put in the line. It’s the most expensive from a lab perspective because it works better. It’s so important to have that experience for your lipstick.

MC: What skincare ritual do you swear by?
DB: Washing your face morning, noon, and night—most especially after those long nights. Fall asleep with your makeup on and you’ll wake up doomed is my philosophy.

MC: When it comes to carrying around products in your purse, are you a minimalist or a hoarder? We’re totally the latter.
DB: I hate a heavy bag because I carried one around for 40 years, and now I’m trying to lighten it up. And now I have a diaper bag, so that changes everything… But I always have a dark and nude lip, a concealer and a powder, and something for the eye, whether it’s an eyeliner or a mascara. What it really comes down to is something for eye, lips, and face. You can really get away with three things, but I like to double up and have the opposite sides of the spectrum for each product.

MC: We love and can seriously relate to your #commuterbeauty hashtag—what’re your best tips for beauty on the go?
DB: Just today I did my mascara in the rearview mirror of an Uber going to my next appointment. So a rearview mirror is really great—but only if you’re a passenger. You cannot do it as a driver. [Laughs] Safety first!

I think the most important thing for commuter beauty is finding innovative ways to find a reflection that you can do your makeup in. So, think the window of a subway or a spoon at a dinner table. I always judge a restaurant by whether or not they have a clean knife because it’s the best mirror.

MC: And what about painting on a cat eye in a moving vehicle—that’s kind of our thing…
DB: Wait for the stop!

MC: Your February 2014 MC cover got nominated for a National Magazine Award! What set it apart from other cover shoots you’ve done?
DB: You know, having a beauty company, I love tight shots on a cover. And I think people love it too. It’s so eye-grabbing and yet magazines are doing it less and less. So I applaud Marie Claire because we really pushed for it as we wanted it to be about the beauty.

MC: And remind us what smashing Flower shade you were wearing on the cover?
DB: Rose Bud!

Ali   February 7, 2015 Videos

Over its 40-year run, Lorne Michaels’ brainchild Saturday Night Live has seen a lot of writers, hosts, castmembers and musical acts pass through Studio 8H. For its SNL reunion issue, The Hollywood Reporter rounded up some of these personalities and asked them to share memories from their time on the late-night sketch-comedy show.

Former staff writers J.B. Smoove and Conan O’Brien talked about the anxiety of pitching sketches, while Sarah Silverman recounted her first meeting with her fellow writers: “I was introduced to the other three kids that were my age and they thought I was a typist.”

Former writer Rosie Shuster recalled how she used to get into trouble.

Having all hosted five times or more, Christopher Walken, Tom Hanks, Danny DeVito and Drew Barrymore talked about their experiences doing the live television show.

“I always bring ideas, they always say they like them, and then they never make them,” said fellow five-timer Ben Affleck. The Gone Girl actor also remembered the anxiety he felt the first time he hosted, saying, “All of a sudden I am thinking to myself that this is actually live. … If I have a nervous breakdown it’s like, that’s it, I’m finished.”


Ali   January 27, 2015 Images, Magazines, Photoshoots

I LOVE this new photoshoot that Drew did for More magazine … so beautiful!

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Ali   January 27, 2015 Interviews, Magazines

Drew is covering the February issue of More magazine and I think she looks stunning!

Three things we can all learn from Drew Barrymore:

1___You can overcome a crappy childhood,
2___Whimsy does belong in the workplace, and
3___Supermarket Cheddar rocks

I shouldn’t say this, because, I’ll get in trouble for it, but I’ll say it anyway,” Drew Barrymore says, leaning in, all intimate eyes and a half smile, because that’s the way she talks and it takes her zero minutes to warm up to someone new. Here it comes: “Women can’t do it all.”

She’s tiptoeing, because about two years ago she caught flak for making the same statement, the way anyone catches flak after suggesting anything about women’s capacity for getting things done. We have all lived long enough to see women get into trouble for saying they can have it all, or they can’t, or they should want it all, or they should opt out, and then the resulting think pieces about whoever said it and why it shouldn’t have been said. But the thing that strikes me as most ironic about Barrymore saying it is that it seems as if she has, in fact, at some point in her life, done it all. And from where I’m sitting, which is across from her as she introduces me to three new fragrances for her cosmetics line, Flower Beauty, it seems that she continues to do it all. The first lesson we could learn from Drew Barrymore is that if she thinks she’s not doing it all when she actually is, perhaps we who think we’re not doing it all are, too.

Still, she insists, “Quantum physics actually says you can’t do it all. Like, you can’t do everything at every minute of every day; it’s actually not mathematically, molecularly plausible.” However, she clarifies, “I do think that women can do everything they want to do”—a careful distinction, since she believes that from your passion comes your calling—“especially if they work hard enough at it. I don’t believe anything comes easy. You have to earn everything in life.”

She would know. Barrymore is someone who has invented herself into more incarnations than her petite, just-turned-40-year-old body should be able to account for. She is someone who published a memoir at age 15, a bulky volume that merited its length: hard drugs before she had pubic hair, rehab, an absentee mother, and an abusive father who probably should have been rounded up in a social services van by the end of chapter 1. In addition to having been an actual, not-just-listed-on-the-credit-sheet producer of movies like Charlie’s Angels and Donnie Darko, she has spent time as a winemaker, an author (last year she published a best seller about hearts—yes, hearts; yes, a best seller) and, of course, an actress. Today she emerges in her latest form: as a cosmetics mogul who is intensely involved in every aspect of her company. She is confident in her ability to pivot, which she does by rising above the emotions we’re all susceptible to: self-doubt, feelings of being overwhelmed and excessive concerns about what other people think of us.

Ali   January 24, 2015 Events, Images

This week Drew attended the The DAILY FRONT ROW “Fashion Los Angeles Awards”. She wore Zara top, a multi colored skirt by Milly. She accessorized the outfit with gold Stuart Weitzman shoes and gold vintage Dior clutch.

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Ali   January 24, 2015 Articles, Family

I thought this was so cute! Will & Drew are having Olive learn Hebrew and Drew shares about her girls with People.com.

Drew Barrymore‘s daughters are meeting milestones every single day, but 2-year-old Olive‘s most recent memorable moment might be one of her cutest yet.

“[She said] her first, ‘Oy vey.’ That made me happy, ” the actress told PEOPLE at The Daily Front Row’s inaugural Fashion Los Angeles Awards on Thursday.

According to the founder of Flower cosmetics, her toddler’s language skills are equally impressive. “My daughter counted to three in Hebrew today,” Barrymore, 39, shares. “She was learning [Hebrew] this morning so I was proud of her.”

As for her strong bond with 9-month-old Frankie? Well, Olive excels at being a big sister, too.

“She’s really sweet,” says Barrymore. “Whenever Frankie cries, she always goes, ‘Don’t worry, Frankie. It’s okay.’ That’s very sweet.”

But like any siblings, the mom of two admits sometimes Olive can love Frankie a little too much. “She’s a sister so she also tumbles her around way too hard,” she jokes. “I think every mom has the same experience with their kids.”

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