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It’s not easy to ruffle David Letterman’s feathers.

Twenty years ago, Drew Barrymore managed to do just that. In fact, people are still talking about the actress’ infamous striptease. When Barrymore appeared on CBS’ The Late Show on Apr. 12, 1995, she hopped up on Letterman’s desk, performed a sexy dance, flashed her breasts and gave the host a kiss on the cheek. “You know, I can’t thank you enough for that,” the birthday boy said.

Letterman’s final episode airs tonight, and to celebrate his 33 years of hosting a late-night talk show, Barrymore is dishing on the bond she developed with him since then. “He’s always been known as the person who had no problem letting the audience know he was not down with what the guest was doing,” the actress tells Entertainment Weekly of her experience as a guest. “It was scary.”

“From the moment I went on—especially with my little dance number, which was completely spontaneous and not calculated in any way—he let the audience know it was OK. He was so accepting of me, and letting everyone know to go on the ride.”

Barrymore’s future appearances on The Late Show were less risqué, but the movie star enjoyed her banter with Letterman all the same.

“From that infamous show, we developed a really fun chemistry. Then I just looked forward to going back. There’s an energy to his show. The more you tried to charm him, the less he wanted it. He either liked you or he didn’t. When you usually go on a talk show it’s very buddy-buddy,” the Never Been Kissed star, 40, explains. “But with him you have to work for it. But not too hard, because he won’t like that!”

For Barrymore, late-night won’t be the same without Letterman.

“It always struck me as what a serious guy he was. However, when I had the crazy notion to dance on that man’s desk…He had a great sense of humor. It was a weird spontaneous moment. He went with it,” the Big Miracle actress recalls to USA Today. “He let everyone know it was OK to let it be joyous and silly and fun.”


Ali   May 11, 2015 Charlie's Angels, Images

I have added stills and promotional images from Drew’s film Charlie’s Angels.

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Wishing Drew and all of the other wonderful mothers out there a fabulous Mothers Day!

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I apologize for the delay in getting these up … had a password issue … but here are pics of the fun Drew was having last week. First she attended the Paris Photo Los Angeles VIP Opening and then headed to Vegas to watch the Mayweather VS Pacquiao fight!

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E!Online interviewed Drew at Kids Safe Day where Drew talked about Safe Kids and about Frankie’s first birthday.

Drew Barrymore loves being a mom times two.

“I just think it’s even better!” the 40-year-old beauty gushed to E! News in Los Angeles on Sunday at an event benefitting Safe Kids Worldwide when asked how parenting is different now that she has two kids. “Your heart just grows bigger. And you worry, ‘Oh gosh how am I going to split my love?’ And there’s just so much to give it’s not a worry.”

The actress welcomed daughter Frankie, her second child with husband Will Kopelman just over one year ago. The happy couple is also parents to three-year-old daughter Olive.

“Safe Kids has really changed my life in the way that I have information that is crucial to keeping my kids safe,” Barrymore revealed, sharing her support for the organization. “Whether it’s ‘When do you change the car seat to rear facing to front facing? Or you don’t leave the pan handle where your kid can grab it, you never take your eyes off your kid in the bathtub’ and these are not things that I think girlfriends are not always chatting about.”

She added: I think it’s so important to know everything and then the fun ensues. Worry without knowledge is bad worry.”

Most recently, Barrymore celebrated her youngest child’s first birthday with a party at the family’s Los Angeles home. “We actually had a party for her because funny enough, for all the kids’ birthdays we were always traveling…so this one was actually at home and it felt very traditional,” the doting mama shared “This year I did the Magnolia Bakery cupcakes and we got the “Let’s be Frank” hot dog trunk and put an ‘i-e’ at the end for “let’s be Frankie.”

Birthday parties aside, Barrymore also expressed her excitement for the birth of Kate Middleton’s second child and couldn’t help but share her admiration for the duchess.

“I love Kate Middleton, too, by the way,” she gushed before she was asked to share any parenting tips. “She’s so full of grace I’m sure she will be absolutely fine.”

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Drew attended Safe Kids Day on Sunday! And thanks to Claudia & Lisa for sending us these great pics!

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Drew Barrymore is a busy lady.

With a huge movie career, a production company and her Flower Beauty cosmetics line, her number one focus these days is her daughters, Olive, 2½, and Frankie, 1, with husband Will Kopelman, 38.

For Barrymore, 40, one of the most important and challenging things about being a mother is watching out for her daughters’ safety.

“I think as a parent sometimes I feel very overwhelmed with all that there is,” she told PEOPLE at Safe Kids Day in Los Angeles.

Even with all of the worries, Barrymore is loving being a mom to two adorable little girls. “Two is even better than one. I can’t believe it,” she shares.

When asked how Olive is handling her big sister duties, Barrymore says, “She’s great. She’s awesome.”

With two young children to take care of, one thing Barrymore isn’t worried about is getting back to her pre-baby weight. “I think it’s crazy to worry about that. It takes nine months to build, it takes nine months to unbuild, at best,” she explains.

Barrymore isn’t letting the media or anyone else’s opinion of her post-baby body get to her. “We just have to take pressures off,” she says. “They’re so silly and ridiculous. It took a year and I’m not even there, but it’s fine. I’m so okay with that.”

As for her daughters’s recent milestones, Frankie just had a big one — her first birthday was Tuesday! — but Barrymore is hoping to add another one to the list soon. “I’ve been up all night doing sleep training,” she says.


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