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Feb 22, 16   Ali   1 Comment

Here’s wishing Drew a wonderful day and a fabulous year!

Jan 19, 16   Ali   Comments Off on Drew Barrymore, Child Star of ‘E.T.,’ Finds Her Way Home

The actress looks back at her early struggle in Hollywood for stability, safety and a sense of family Drew Barrymore, 40, has starred in more than 50 films, including “E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial” and “The Wedding Singer.” She is author of “Wildflower” (Dutton), a collection of autobiographical essays. She spoke with Marc Myers. My childhood lasted […]

Jun 12, 14   Ali   Comments Off on Get Drew’s Mother of Dragon’s T-Shirt

Did you love Drew’s t-shirt from her family photoshoot in the recent issue of People Magazine? Well you can get your very own! And the proceeds from the purchase go towards helping foster kids in Los Angeles! Go here to order … there is also a mug and iPhone cases!

May 22, 14   Ali   Comments Off on Bella Thorne Interviews Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore

Drew’s Blended co-star Bella Thorne interviewed Drew & Adam during their press tour!

Aug 21, 13   Ali   Comments Off on Drew joins Twitter! @DrewBarrymore

Late to the party, but happy to be here! So excited to announce that Ms. Drew has joined twitter!! Her username is @DrewBarrymore so be sure to go and follow her!

Jun 13, 13   Ali   Comments Off on Drew Barrymore feels she has finally got the life she always wanted

I found this quote on Express.co.uk and thought it was wonderful! DESPITE A tumultuous childhood which saw Drew Barrymore in rehab aged just 14 and legally emancipated from her mother at 17, the now married actress and mother of one feels that karma has bought her the settled life that she craved as a youngster. […]

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