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Nov 05, 15   Ali   Comments Off on Toni Collette & Drew Barrymore Will Make You Weep (& Giggle)

Refinery 29 did this great article talking about Drew’s new film Miss You Already! Toni Collette really wanted Drew Barrymore to be her best friend — in a movie, that is. And she got her wish: In Miss You Already, out November 6, the two play longtime pals. Milly (Collette) is undergoing cancer treatment when […]

Nov 05, 15   Ali   Comments Off on Drew Barrymore, Toni Collette tear up talking ‘Miss You Already’

Go ahead and grab a hanky now — and hang onto it! If 1988’s “Beaches” brought a tear to your eye, get ready for a new female friendship flick that’s sure to get the waterworks going again. Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette stopped by TODAY Wednesday to talk about their film “Miss You Already,” which […]

Jun 15, 14   Ali   Comments Off on Emma Fuhrmann Talks Working with Drew

In the film Blended Drew co-stars with three young women … Emma Fuhrmann who plays Espn talked with her hometown paper on working with Drew and Adam. Here is an excerpt where she talks about Drew. Do you wonder what it’s like working with Drew Barrymore? Emma knows. She shook her head and took a […]

May 22, 14   Ali   Comments Off on Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore quiz each other

As all know Drew & Adam are good friends! So USA Today had the two friends quiz each other! NEW YORK – Put two famous people in a very small, somewhat claustrophobic room together after giving them a lengthy homework assignment, and something strangely magical happens. You learn that Drew Barrymore would love to remake […]

May 14, 14   Ali   Comments Off on Drew & Adam on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

I love Ellen’s show but how cute to have both Adam & Drew talking about their daughters with Ellen. Plus it is cute to watch them reminiscence about filming The Wedding Singer … anyway you need to watch this adorable clip. Drew Barrymore isn’t pregnant anymore, but she’s still got a glow. The actress gave […]

May 13, 14   Ali   Comments Off on Bella Thorne Talks Drew with Seventeen Magazine

Drew’s Blended co-star Bella Thorne is on the cover of Seventeen Magazine and in her cover story she shares her thoughts on Drew. “Drew [Barrymore] is so positive and beautiful on the inside and out. On the set of Blended, she always had a smile and looked at the positive side of things. I learned […]

Apr 11, 14   Ali   Comments Off on Adam Sandler And Drew Barrymore Give Best Kiss Advice

This weekend is the MTV Movie awards and MTV talked with Adam & Drew about their Best Kiss Advice. Perhaps she doesn’t know it, but Bella Thorne just worked in the company of MTV Movie Awards royalty. Thorne, best known for playing CeCe Jones on Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up,” will soon be seen on […]

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