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Closer Weekly shares an article on Drew talking about being in her 40s!

Drew Barrymore doesn’t just feel wiser now that she’s older — she feels “better, calmer and smarter,” too!

In a new interview, the actress — who turned 41 on Feb. 22 — gushed about entering her 40s. “You just get better, calmer, smarter, wiser and also with the life span now, 40 is the new 30, 50 is the new 40,” Drew said.

“You have to really work hard at like being someone who has inner peace and real educated about your own life decisions. And that just takes time,” she continued.

The mom-of-two additionally confessed she loves how her personal style has changed as she’s gotten older. “I’m not a skin-tight girl. I don’t even want knee cleavage,” Drew joked.

“Quote me on it, I don’t like knee cleavage. I don’t like breast cleavage. I don’t want any cleavage. Like to me, forearm and collarbone are so sexy, and back. Four inches of ankle goes a long way,” she added.


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