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Aug 01, 14   Flower Beauty Comments Off on Drew Barrymore launches new fragrances

WWD and Elle UK have shared that Drew is launching three new fragrances.

Drew Barrymore is in the process of following her heart (and nose) down a different kind of career path – fragrance. Or should we say, fragrances.

The A-lister is set to release not one, or two, but three fragrances as part of her Flower collection ­­– Cherished, Radiant and Sultry. But why three, as opposed to taking the usual one-fragrance-at-a-time route?

‘A singular celebrity fragrance — I was never interested,’ Drew told WWD. ‘Also, there was never really a time or venue to do it.’

The actress also insists that her new scents are not just another string of celebrity-endorsed products. Instead, the Flower range tells a story and signifies emotions associated with different times of the day.

Cherished represents the morning while Radiant – a more dewy, green number – represents the importance of feeling fresh throughout the day. Finally, Sultry represents the romance of evening with purple plum, cranberry cocktail and Madagascan vanilla.

Launching in the US in October.


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