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Aug 01, 14   Flower Beauty Comments Off on Drew Barrymore Is Launching Three Fragrances!

Learn more about the three fragrances that Drew & Flower Beauty are launching! Thanks to InStyle.com!

Would a flower by any other name smell as sweet? We’re sure it would, especially if Drew Barrymore has anything to do with it! This fall, Barrymore is adding to her expansive range of Flower Beauty products with three fragrances to fit just about every mood or occasion. Each of the scents smells amazing worn solo, but because all of the notes blend well together, you can combine your favorites from the trio to create a layered signature fragrance. Radiant (top) is fresh and spring-like, combining green elements with bergamot, cabbage rose, peony, and magnolia, while Sultry (center) certainly lives up to its name with sexy nighttime appropriate notes like jasmine, vanilla, pink pepper, and blackberry.

It’s hard choosing a favorite of the trinity, but we’re especially fond of Cherished (bottom), which reminds us of a dryer-fresh cashmere sweater by blending clean cotton musk and Lily of the Valley with warm touches like vanilla, sandalwood, Italian lemon blossom. Find the Flower Fragrance Collection priced from $20 to $25 at WalMart locations nationwide starting in October.


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