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Feb 10, 14   Articles, Family Comments Off on ‘My husband thinks I’m insane!’

She’s heavily pregnant with her second child.

But that didn’t stop Drew Barrymore from going on a furry shopping spree and coming home with a pooch, much to her husband Will Kopelman’s despair.

Drew told People magazine: ‘Our plate is so full right now. I got a puppy while pregnant with the toddler and my husband was like, “You are insane!” I was like, “I am!”‘

But apparently that’s just how the 50 First Dates actress rolls.

‘I mean, let it rain. When it rains, it pours,’ she said. ‘That was my mentality!’

During a candid chat, the bubbly 38-year-old actress also confessed that she and her husband Will Kopelman will be ignoring the grandeur of Valentine’s Day this year.

‘When you’re pregnant, it’s just so different,’ Drew explained, speaking about the notoriously loved-up February holiday.

The Never Been Kissed star revealed that she and Will plan on laying low on the 14th, implying that she doesn’t expect any grand gestures from Will, whose father is former Chanel CEO Arie Kopelman.

‘It’ll just be all about food and hanging out,’ she continued. ‘Next year, it’ll be [a] fabulous bottle of wine and maybe something extraordinary.’

Drew is already a starry eyed mother to her 16-month-old daughter Olive, and told the magazine that the toddler is helping her gear up to give birth for the second time.

‘She just really loves babies and kids,’ she said, adding: ‘I have her in a lot of classes.’

And it sounds as though Olive is already taking on the very mentality that Drew herself preaches and practices so avidly when it comes to approaching life with love.

Speaking about how her daughter operates around other children, she declared: ‘I like when she’s so open-hearted to people and her surroundings.’

The pretty blonde explained that as hard as she tries to stay on top of a fitness routine, she has not found it easy to fit it into her packed routine.

‘We don’t have a babysitter on the weekends,’ she told the magazine. ‘There’s a Saturday class that I basically have to turn my life upside down to get to and sometimes I simply can’t.’

But it seems there are some formalities and chores Drew will be able to forego given that she is expecting another girl.
‘I’m relieved I’m having another girl. I have everything I need,’ she said. ‘It’s all about hand-me-downs and room sharing and all that stuff. I’m pretty psyched about that!’



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