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As we mentioned earlier Drew is the guest beauty editor for this week’s People magazine and now we have scans in the gallery! Go pick up your own copy because it is a fun read!

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This week Drew is the guest editor for People Magazine’s Beauty Special. Be sure to pick up the new issue to read her comments!

Drew Barrymore‘s beauty cred is legit. She was named PEOPLE’s Most Beautiful woman in 2007, spent seven years as a CoverGirl spokesperson where she earned a “college degree in beauty,” and is the proud owner of cosmetic and fragrance line Flower. So it was only natural to appoint the actress and trendsetter as our guest editor for PEOPLE’s beauty special. In this week’s issue, Barrymore (below, smelling testers for new Flower scents) opens up about what inspires her products and what makes her feel beautiful. Then pick up this week’s issue for her top picks and even more beauty advice!

I feel most beautiful when …
I’m making my husband [Will Kopelman] laugh with my ridiculous dances. I do interpretative comedy dances and he’s laughing, and his laugh starts to sound almost like Santa Claus because it’s such a high pitched capacity. That’s when I feel the prettiest. I can’t believe I’m telling you this!

My favorite smell is …
Patchouli. I love the way that it exists in the air and you can always smell it when you walk by. It translates and permeates in a way like no other scent.

It takes me ___ minutes to get ready in the morning!
Two minutes! I actually am going to do an experiment video to show this.

If I had to wear one lip color for a whole year, it would be …
100 percent, “Mauve Mimosa” lip butter. I never go anywhere without it. [The color on the tube] looks a little brown and I think it intimidates people. But the truth is, it makes you look like you have almost a tan glow. I also use it on my cheeks. It is the perfect nude color, beachy, bronzy, natural enhanced lip color. You know what it’s like? It’s like honey. Never name a lipstick “Mauve anything,” I’ve found. I should have named it “Honey Kiss!”

Who are your Flower fragrances for?
It’s for this woman who is just trying to pull it all off and feel great about herself, and be as happy as she can be. And love as much as she can. That was the story for the Flower scents.

What’s been your favorite reaction from a fan that uses Flower?
This woman just stopped me on the street and she said Flower beauty made her feel really good about her skin. She always bought these really expensive, crazy products to make her skin even and now she’s using About Face. As an owner of a beauty company, women are really loyal to their skin. People love what they love and they know what they know and they stick with it and they don’t experiment. So I loved hearing that from this woman, it made me very happy.

Are there any red carpet looks you wouldn’t try again?
Nah. Just keep playing. Never get worried about what people say because it’s good to not be afraid. And certainly to not be afraid about what people are going to say.

What beauty/fashion advice would you give to your younger self?
It’s good to appreciate and remember to not be so hard on yourself because I bet it never looks as crazy as it does in your worried eyes. We have to be nicer to ourselves and we probably look thinner and younger and healthier and happier than we worried about in that moment.

For more on Drew’s favorite things, pick up this week’s PEOPLE magazine, on newsstands Friday

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Drew attended an afternoon tea at the end of last week in honor of her new film “Miss You Already”

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Drew was seen recently in England filming Miss You Already opposite Toni Collette and images have been added to the gallery!

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Drew Barrymore Online > Films > Miss You Already > On the Set > October 6, 2014

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I have added a bunch of new images to the gallery from Drew’s film The Wedding Singer!

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Drew Barrymore Online > Films > 1998 | The Wedding Singer

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Variety gives us an exclusive first look at Drew from her new film Miss You Already.

LONDON — Variety has been given the trade exclusive on the first image from “Miss You Already,” which stars Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette. Catherine Hardwicke’s relationship drama started lensing in the U.K. earlier this month.

Collette and Barrymore play Milly and Jess, who have been best friends since childhood. Their friendship is put to the test as Jess struggles to have a much longed-for baby and Milly finds out she has breast cancer.

Pic also stars Dominic Cooper (“The Devil’s Double”) and Paddy Considine (“Pride”) as the men in their lives, and Jacqueline Bisset rounds out the stellar cast as Collette’s mother.

Hardwicke (“Twilight,” “Thirteen”) directs from a screenplay by British writer and actor Morwenna Banks (“Damned,” “The Announcement”).

Principal photography started on Sept. 7, with shooting largely focused on London, and later moving to the Yorkshire Moors, England.

“I was trained as an architect and London is flat out inspiring. We’re showing a different side of the city — the collision of old and new that you find on every corner,” Hardwicke said.

“To help me pre-visualize the scenes everyone on the crew from the art department to the location managers have acted out the parts of midwives, pregnant women giving birth, and even sheep up in Yorkshire. With a cast that have taken over their roles with ferocity and their special brand of British wit, this film is coming alive.”

Pic, which is produced by Christopher Simon and Felix Vossen of Embargo Films, will be distributed in the U.K. by eOne, and is slated for release in October 2015. International sales are being handled by The Salt Company, which shares North American sales duties with CAA.

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Happy 20th Birthday Marie Claire Magazine!

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